Profile - Piper McLean

Name: Piper McLean
Gender: Female
Age: 15

Piper, Thumbnail

About me: Ok, so Iím a kleptomaniac with a Cherokee movie star father and Aphrodite, lady of the doves, goddess of love, as a mother, beat that. Iíve been kicked out of five different schools in the last five year. My dadís running out of places to put me

Looks: I have chocolate- brown hair with thin strands braided and browny-green eyes

Clothes: I hate to be without my snowboarding jacket and donít like to wear makeup

Hobbies: Surfing, well more like Ďwiping outí. It takes a special talent to run over yourself with a surfboard. Researching myths with DadÖ when heís around

Bad habits: snoring (apparently) but Jason says I have a cute way of breathing when Iím asleep, and not snoring, which makes me feel better

Special talents: Charmspeaking

Most likely to be found: Stealing a car. Well, not really stealing . . . more like borrowing. I donít know why, for attention, I guess. I pull a bigger stunt each time, because it takes more and more to get Dadís attention

Languages: I only recently discovered I could speak French!

Food: Iím vegetarian. I have been ever since we drove past that slaughterhouse in Chino and the smell made my insides want to come outside

Favourite sandwich: Peanut butter and jam but Leo can knock up an awesome cheese and avocado sandwich too

Dislikes: Evil Jane- she makes me feel like a disgusting pet thatís just whizzed on the carpet. Iím also sick of kids saying; ĎDo you think you could get me his autograph?í about my Dad

The most embarrassing thing in my life: That ĎI will kill your men and steal your women!í King of Sparta poster of my Dad. The most ridiculous poster of all time

Secret Weapon: A dagger

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