Profile - Leo Valdez

Name: Leo Valdez
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Quote: ‘I’m so cool, I want to date myself, but I can’t figure out how!’

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About Me: Son of Hephaestus who grew up around grease monkeys and power tools. Mom used to joke that my first pacifier was a lug wrench!

Looks: Iíve been told I look like a ĎLatino Santaís elfí (nice!), with my curly black hair, pointy ears, babyish face and mischievous smile which they say tells them I should not be trusted around matches or sharp objects

Body type: OK, so Iím not the biggest or the strongest kid. Iíve survived in tough neighbourhoods, tough schools, and tough foster homes by using my wits. I learned early that if you cracked jokes and pretended you werenít scared, you usually didnít get beaten up

Clothes: An army jacket with pockets bursting with nuts, bolts and pipe cleaners

Expert in: Morse code, flying dragons, running away from people, cracking jokes and not fitting in. . .

Likes: Designing and building with my cabin 9 bunkmates. I like to keep my hands busy at all times. Fiddling with gears and levers helps calm my nerves

Dislikes: Rattle snakes, psychotic babysitters, the cold and Aunt Rosa in her nightgown

Interests: Dragon-flying, building, drawing, cooking

Favorite Food: Pepper and beef tacos with chips and salsa

Status: Single, although I fall in love with every girl I see, as long as she is totally out of my league!

Secret weapon: A leather tool belt that produces anything from hammers to kleenex and rolls of duct tape

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