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Dear Mortal Reader,

Welcome to the world of Camp Half-Blood!

After five books in the Percy Jackson series, many of you asked me what would happen next. Would our hero and his friends live happily ever after? Would we ever hear from Percy again? Would a new threat arise to challenge the demigods of Camp Half-Blood.

Iím pleased to say that the answers await you in the series: Heroes of Olympus. You will see many of you old friends from the Percy Jackson series again, but youíll also meet a new cast of demigods with a dangerous quest of their own, and a new Great Prophecy that will change Percy Jacksonís world forever.

Visit Rick's website for further comments from Rick Riordan + more news from Percy Jackson.Whether youíre a new demigod or a veteran camper, I hope youíll keep reading and enjoy this website! Just keep your weapons ready and your armour polished, because monsters are everywhere!

Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan

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